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"He Lived Next Door"
Ieva Kuniskis | Lithuania/UK
11th May 7 PM, Arts Printing House, Black Hall
Tickets: Tiketa.lt
Choreographer & Director – Ieva Kuniskis
Performer – Darius A. Stankevičius
Composer & Musician – Dougie Evans
Other Music: Gioacchino Rossini „Pace e gioia sia con voi (il barbiere di Siviglia)“
Process Dramaturg – Lou Cope
Lighting – Andrej Gubanov
Mentoring – Caroline Salem
Producer – Jih-Wen Yeh
Commissioned by – Wilton’s Music Hall
Supported using public funding by – Arts Council England
Additional support – Space @ Clarence Mews
Premiere: 2014
Duration: 17 min
He said, „I want to give away all the spices, pearls and candles, starched shirts and embroidered white sheets, patent shoes and strokes of the clock; rip them out, pull them out, gift and give them away, so I can begin waiting for the next miracle.“
Ieva Kuniskis is a Lithuanian choreographer and dancer based in London. She makes dance for theatre and screen, also working in site-sensitive contexts and immersive performance. Ieva's approach to dance making is rooted in Lithuanian theatre and the folklore tradition of story telling. Her work offers commentary on social relationships and is full of autobiographical details, often featuring domestic, human themes as a backdrop.
Ieva wants to capture on an intuitive level allowing the viewer to add their own narrative through their personal histories, questioning their own perceptions of world around them.
Darius A. Stankevičius is a Lithuanian dancer. He started his dance career in ballroom dance before joining contemporary dance company AURA (Lithuania) in 1991. He stayed with the company for 12 years while also working on independent projects in Germany and Switzerland. Darius retired in 2004 and currently works as an anaesthetist in a London hospital. However dance has never left his heart and he returned to stage in 2014 for „He Lived Next Door“, a solo by choreographer I. Kuniskis.
Photo by Judita Kusiskyte