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TAO Dance Theatre | China
8th May 6 PM, Lithuanian National Drama Theatre, Main Hall
Choreography – Tao Ye
Music – Xiao He
Dancers: Fu Liwei, Mao Xue, Li Shunjie, Yu Jinying
Costumes: Tao Ye, Li Min
Lighting: Ma Yue, Tao Ye
Producer / Management – Ping Pong Productions
Premiere: 2012
Duration: 29 min
Choreography – Tao Ye
Music – Xiao He
Dancers: Duan Ni, Fu Liwei, Mao Xue, Li Shunjie, Yu Jinying
Costumes: Tao Ye, Duan Ni, Li Min
Lighting: Ma Yue, Tao Ye
Producer / Management – Ping Pong Productions
Premiere: 2013
Duration: 30 min
„I can imagine Adam and Eve danced like this at the dawn of mankind.“ (Beijing Youth Daily, China)
Choreographer Tao Ye believes a single word or phrase is insufficient to encapsulate the meaning in a work of contemporary dance theater. Titles can set preconceptions in the audience and limit creative direction. His numbered series of minimalist experimentations explore the potential of the human body as a visual element, freed from the limitations of representation or narrative.
Thus freed from the strictures of story-telling, these works can give free reign to the imagination, and can inspire a panoply of interpretations. By titling his works with numerals instead of words, Tao Ye hopes to transcend the duality of abstract vs. concrete thought.
„No specific words can express the meaning of tonight’s performance. Rather, these pieces are permeated with our conceptions of „the body“ and physical practice. So what your eyes perceive is exactly what our hearts hope to express,“ says Tao Ye.
In 4, bodies seem to seek one another while being split apart by an unseen yet compelling force. In 5, an unseen force keeps the bodies together in an indistinguishable, kaleidoscopic mass. Both pieces are accompanied by the music of Chinese Indie-folk-rock composer Xiao He, whose music seems to spring from a similar, unspecified, but no less insistent power.
TAO YE (artistic director / choreographer) is a graduate of the Chongqing Dance School in Chongqing, China. After dancing with the Shanghai Army Song & Dance Ensemble, he joined Shanghai Jin Xing Dance Theater, and later moved to Beijing to join the Beijing Modern Dance Company (BMDC). In March 2008, at only 22 years old, he founded TAO Dance Theater. „The Beijing News“ awarded him the 2013 Innovator Award for Dance. He is a 2011–2013 Sadler’s Wells „New Wave Associates“ artist. Choreographer and founder Tao Ye is developing a training technique that allows his dancers to explore the potential of the human body and its extremes. He has been invited to teach workshops in China and abroad.
TAO Dance Theater《5》陶身体剧场 2013作品《5》
Since its founding in 2008, TAO Dance Theater has toured more than thirty countries on five continents. TAO was the first contemporary dance company from China invited to perform in Lincoln Center Festival (US) and the Sydney Opera House (AU), the second invited to perform at the American Dance Festival (ADF), and the first Chinese company invited to be artists-in-residence for ADF's six-week festival. In 2013, TAO Dance Theater was invited to perform as part of the opening of the Second Beijing International Ballet and Choreography Competition at Beijing’s prestigious National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA), followed two months later by the company’s featured performances at the NCPA, the first in their home country after nearly three years of international touring.
TAO Dance Theater's presentation as a project of Chinese culture year in the Baltic countries is supported by the Ministry of Culture of the People’s Republic of China.