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Raimonda Gudavičiūtė, Sanna Lundström | Lithuania / Sweden / Germany
11th May 7 PM, Arts Printing House, Black Hall
Choreography and dance: Raimonda Gudavičiūtė, Sanna Lundström
Music – Dávid Kovácsovics (Hungary)
Photos: Maciej Rusinek, Roland Rossbacher
Premiere: 2015
Duration: 50 min
When am I centered? How do I find harmony? What makes me lose my balance?
The piece WITHIN is dealing with inner physical and psychological struggles. Two dancers embody transformations between various emotional and physical states and explore the discrepancy between harmony and disharmony, tension and relaxation, rejection and acceptance, and restriction and freedom.
People use different strategies to protect themselves in stressful situations. The search for balance is a constant challenge. Behavior patterns influence our everyday actions. Some of them expand our possibilities to act, others restrict us. Although we cannot consciously control everything we are confronted with, our behavior affects the outcome. Once a state of balance has been found, the question of how to maintain it arises.
Photos by Maciej Rusinek
Raimonda Gudavičiūtė started her dance education at the Aura Dance Theater at the age of nine. She has been a member of Aura Dance Theater for long time and performed in the great number of dance festivals and venues both in Lithuania and abroad. She extended her education through a dance and acting degree in Lithuanian Music and Theater Academy, where in 2007 she was graduated with a BA. In between she participated in the student's exchange program at the National Lyon Conservatory of Music and Dance in France. In 2009 Raimonda has been graduated a masters’ degree in contemporary dance at the Theatre Academy of Finland.
She made choreography for Aura Dance Theater in 2008. The work was presented in 18th International Modern Dance festival in Kaunas and New Baltic Dance Festival in Vilnius. Raimonda also works as a dance instructor. She was teaching in Lithuania, Finland, Germany and Austria. She lives and works in Germany.
Sanna Lundström (Sweden) has a Bachelor of Arts from the University College of Dance and Circus in Stockholm (2004–2008) and she also studied at Codarts in Rotterdam (2006) and at Dance New Amsterdam in New York (2009). She has been dancing in Stockholm, Sydney, Vienna and Frankfurt in works by Willie Dorner, YouMove Dance Company, Physical TV company, Doris Hintsteiner, Iris Tenge, Yasna Schindler, Petra Lehr, Ives Thuwis, Philipp van der Heijden and Billinger & Schulz. Since 2010 Sanna is based in Frankfurt, where she is also creating her own work and teaching.
Photos by Roland Rossbacher