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"Monster" PREMIERE
AURA Dance Theatre and Cie Samuel Mathieu | Lithuania/France
8th May 8 PM, Arts Printing House, Black Hall
Tickets: Tiketa.lt
Choreography – Samuel Mathieu (France)
Music – Maxime Denuc (France)
Costume designer – Eglė Sakalaitė
Lights: Samuel Mathieu, Vladimiras Šerstabojevas
Dancers: Alejandro Flores Mora, Anna Karen Flores Huesca, Haruka Suzuki, Gintarė Marija Ščavinskaitė, Laura Witzleben, Lionel Bègue, Love Hellgren, Marie Urvoy, Paulius Prievelis
Premiere: 2015
Duration: 50 min
„He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster. And when you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you.“ (Friedrich Nietzsche „Excerpt from Beyond Good and Evil“)
Elsewhere, abroad, where changes take place, where people move and revolt. Where words, bodies and images prepare to cope. There does dissidence, there does movement begin. Matter lies in the hearts of men, in the hearts of women, victims or witnesses, rebels or torturers. The testimonies, behaviors, and positions of bodies all put together converge towards a mark, a sort of scar, the memory of an impregnation, of an immersion in the heart of a population. The research is fuelled by impressions, opinions, feelings, all sharpened by the hardship of a life governed or squashed by the oppressor. Observing the duration of collective memory, and noting the perception of a people throughout time.
Then vacating. Emptying. Wrecking. The mass moves from stage left to stage right, swaying every time one side towards fear. Time goes by, stomachs are in knots, upside down, and then, everything subsides again and slowly slips into oblivion. This is the gradual amnesia of societies, which arouses cruelty and has, throughout our history, recurrently allowed us to pour out on others the horrors that only we, monsters, are capable of.
„One can always find terror in himself. One only needs to look deep enough.“ (André Malraux „Man's Fate“)
The rhythm, the metronomic pulse, the symphony of sounds and the colorful melody of bodies shall give a shade both lyrical and shamanic, both cruel and benevolent, and both xenophobic and generous. Mixed voices on the stage, where the sound of words shall, with knowing communion, fuel and feed into this uninterrupted ritual music. Power struggles between two, three people, revealing mechanisms that can trigger the seizure of power by a person from another. There are as many face-to-faces as deceitful relationships that can defy our own ability to act and react.
A physical, energetic and musical piece, tinged with unisons, discrepancies and contrasts, fuelled by the anecdotes of some and the memories of others, loaded with everyone’s experience, and which shall, I hope, resist time, passion an emotion and delay the awakening of the monster that lies dormant.
Sameul Mathieu
AURA Dance Theatre is the oldest and the only professional municipal contemporary dance theatre in Lithuania. The artistic director of the company, Birutė Letukaitė, has established it in 1982. During its existence, AURA has shown dozens of performances in Lithuania and in 28 foreign countries. Since 1991, AURA has been collaborating with foreign choreographers and teachers. Besides this, it takes part in joint projects with sound and visual artists.
AURA has received more than 50 municipal, national and international awards, also received excellent feedback from both local and foreign press. In 2006, B. Letukaitė was awarded the Golden Stage Cross for the choreography of performance „Aseptic Zone or Lithuanian Songs“ and in 2008 she became a government cultural and artistic prize winner. 2013 she has received the second Golden Stage Cross for the significant input to the contemporary Lithuanian dance art and Kaunas city Culture and Art award.
Since 1989, AURA has been organising the International Dance Festival AURA which is the oldest and one of the main dance festivals in Lithuania.
Samuel Mathieu is a French chreographer and a dancer, graduated ballet and contemporary dance from the National Music and Dance College in La Rochelle.
As a professional dancer since 1989, S. Mathieu first worked with Joseph Russillo in the Toulouse National Centre, and then five years with Jean Claude Galotta at the Grenoble National Centre. From 1995 to 2002, S. Mathieu worked with a stage director and choreographer Robert Seyfried who comes from the Tribu Emile Dubois; Samuel also danced in the choreograhies by Karin Waehner, Regine Chopinot and the companies of Tomeu Verges, Thomas Duchatelet and Denis Plassard.
In 2001 S. Mathieu founded his dance company Cie Samuel Mathieu in Toulouse. As a choreographer he explores interpretations of various contexts and fields. S. Mathieu‘s works are inspired by literature, folklore, the dramaturgy of the body and human psychology, intercultural experiences, different places and world history, the games of social roles, creative exchanges, the possibilities to synthesize new technologies and classics etc. The acitivity of Cie Samuel Mathieu is based on collaborations with other choreographers, artists and representatives of various disciplines and organizations.