Call for performers: “Fragile” – a dance piece by Cosmin Manolescu

“Fragile – mapping bodies” [working title] is a new dance project to be created by Romanian choreographer Cosmin Manolescu in 2014-2015. The project is developed under the co-production strand of the European programme E-Motional: rethinking dance, and under the label of the Serial Paradise Company/ Gabriela Tudor Foundation, in partnership with the Association of Professional Dance Choreographers of Latvia (Riga), Fabrica de Movimentos (Porto) and Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois – TROIS C-L (Luxembourg).

Fragile will research the theme of the e-motional body, viewed as a personal geography made of memories embodied on the skin, physical traumas and signs, and all the histories that a body could tell. A political project about identity, researched in different spaces (private houses, hotels, streets, studios), which will also question the fragility and vulnerability of our daily lives. Through its vision, the project represents an organic part connected to the more general theme of the E-Motional programme, of rethinking dance and of finding the right language of expression.

Registration deadline: May 1, 2014.

More information: “Fragile”

Cosmin Manolescu is choreographer, artistic director of the “E-Motional: rethinking dance” programme and of ZonaD – Serial Paradise studio & company. His artistic work was successfully presented in important festivals and venues in New York, San Diego, Paris, Lyon, London, Dublin, Porto, Rome, Florence, Catania, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Malmo, Luxemburg, Barcelona, Bremen etc. He played an important role in the development of contemporary dance in Romania and in the creation of National Dance Centre in Bucharest. Cosmin Manolescu is currently interested in cross-cultural collaboration and exchange, experiment and artistic innovation, creating performances that challenge the audience.

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