Lithuanian Dance Information Centre Introducing Its New Direction of Contemporary Circus

Lithuanian Dance Information Center is expanding its working field – from now on it will also be representing Lithuanian contemporary circus. Although this performing art form is well established in most of Europe, there are still very few people creating it in Lithuania, so LDIC is keen on changing that by helping circus grow. They already took a first step and joined CircusNext project this May. CircusNext is a European multi-annual cooperation project co-funded by the European Commission, aiming to support emerging artist and encourage their cooperation and sharing of experience in Europe and beyond. Joining Circus Next gives many new opportunities: LDIC is already planning to present six contemporary dance and circus projects during the next three years as well as organize various educational programmes and workshops for the local artists.

@Circus Next

According to LDCI director Gintarė Masteikaitė, joining a project of this scale is exptremely important, because it opens a lot of new doors for Lithuanian contemporary circus artists and creates opportunities for them to network and know the international circus field better. It is also crucial for the education of local audience – more international circus production will let to understand the circus arts better.

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