Lithuanian circus artist finding their place abroad

Contemporary circus artist, performer and alumni of the French circus school “Lido” Monika Neverauskaitė has joined a well knowned French circus company “Collectif AOC” that has been working for 18 years already. Monika, whose main discipline is Cyr wheel, has joined the collective of 4 other artists for the purpose to create a new show with the premiere planned for this November. This company has a few circus tents that it plans to have a tour around France with. According to Monika, this is the part that she is very excited about – going on a tour on the caravan, building up tents and performing one show after another, that is a big part of circus performer’s life in a country with such a developed circus field as France. Right next to the new experiences with a new company, Monika is working on a solo project as well. And for that she has found the much needed space in a residency program at Swedish circus arts center “Subtopia”. With Lithuanian Dance Information Center recommendations, she was accepted to the six weeks residency program that aims to support circus artists from the Baltic-Nordic region. Monika says, that the work in the residency together with theater teacher Albin Waretter gave her a great start for the future solo piece where she will be performing with Cyr wheel.


Great news were also received by another Lithuanian contemporary circus artist – the member of the company “Taigi Cirkas” and one of the founders of Lithuanian Contemporary Circus Association, Elena Nechiporenko. She was accepted to the circus dramaturgy program organized by two circus schools: ESAC (Belgium) and CNAC (France). Six seminar cycles will be held in both countries and will provide a Circus Dramaturge qualification. Elena will be attending classes where she will learn to analyze circus performances, develop her understanding of contemporary circus aesthetics, learn about various ways of creating a circus piece and different composition methods. All the knowledge will be applicable for the creative process of her personal contemporary circus performances. “I am very thankful to the friend of Lithuanian contemporary circus community, dramaturge and one of the teachers of the program, Roberto Magro, for trusting me, giving me so much knowledge and pointing me towards the circus dramaturgy direction” – says Elena and adds, that now the only challenge she faces is adjusting to the French speaking school.



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