A Year of 2018 in Lithuanian Dance Information Centre

The year of 2018 has passed, thus Lithuanian Dance Information Centre (LDIC) is joining a popular ritual of looking back and reflecting on all the work that was done. This time in the yearly review – the most important projects, Lithuanian dance presentation around the world and LDIC’s future plans.

Lithuania’s name in the dance world

In 2018 Lithuanian dance was presented by LDIC at eight international dance fairs and festivals around the world: at Spring Forward festival organized by Aerowaves network (Sofia, Bulgaria), at one of the biggest dance fairs in the world Tanzmesse NRW (Düsseldorf, Germany), international contemporary dance festival December Dance (Bruges, Belgium), Octoberdanse festival (Bergen, Norway) and at the Nordic dance platform ICE HOT in Reykjavik, Iceland.  LDIC has also brought Lithuanian dance outside of Europe and presented it at PAMS performing arts platform, Asian contemporary dance platform HOT POT (Seoul, South Korea) and performing arts biennale CINARS (Montreal, Canada).

Lithuanian Dance Information Centre delegation at Tanzmesse NRW (Düsseldorf, Germany)

As one of the most important events this year, LDIC also highlights a special Lithuanian dance platform Focus Lithuania which took place at the Bulgarian contemporary dance forum ONE DANCE WEEK and Lithuanian dance artist’s tour in Mexico that resulted in new professional relationships with South American dance communities and gave start for the new projects.

Lithuanian dance platform Focus Lithuania

Fruitful year

“The most important thing in this work is continuity and unwavering communication. Through the years, Lithuanian Dance Information Centre had managed to create a broad and very strong network of international relations and its results are visible every year, in various forms both in Lithuania and abroad.” – says LDIC director Gintarė Masteikaitė.

“I extremely value professional relationships established with the organizers of KAMS (Korean Arts Management Service) and PAMS international fair. Lithuanian dance presentation in South Korea will become more active as soon as next year. Thanks to consistent work, New Baltic Dance festival was invited to join the biggest European dance festivals and started getting ready for new international projects in 2020-2021. All the relations that we have are getting stronger each year, we are finding more mutual interests and I really appreciate it, because for this reason Lithuanian artists present their work all over the world more often”.

Steps towards Baltic dance presentation

According to Gintarė Masteikaitė, a huge achievement of this year is the organization of the first Baltic dance platform which will take place in 2019 during the international contemporary dance festival New Baltic Dance. “We have been discussing this format for a few years already, but only this year it finally started to become reality. This platform could not happen without Latvian and Estonian dance institutions and the help and support from international professionals.” – happily states Gintarė, who is also the director of New Baltic Dance festival. The platform is planned to welcome 30-40 dance professionals from the whole world. The main purpose of this initiative is to strengthen the visibility of Baltic dance in the world, attract bigger attention from international experts while ensuring a solid position between other dance platforms.

Lithuanian dance platform at New Baltic Dance Festival

LDIC has also initiated Baltic dance presentation outside of Lithuania – discussions about unanimous Baltic dance presentation was started with the council members of Tansmesse NRW international fair and hopefully it will be possible for the dance of three Baltic states to be one of the accents of Tanzmesse NRW of 2020.

Lithuanian contemporary dance information is getting systematized

In 2018 LDIC started execution of a new project, meant to collect and administer statistic Lithuanian data for the creation of contemporary dance database.

According to project coordinator Anastasija Dichtiar, statistic data about contemporary dance was not being collected and analysed for a long time, thus the dance field was not able to present accurate situation of the sector and its changes, economic indicators, growing number of international tours. Information collected during this project will be used as a tool and strong argument when proving the worth of cultural investments into the dance field.

LDIC started a creation process of the first Lithuanian contemporary dance database, which will have information about Lithuanian dance theatres and companies, creators and performers. All the data will be publicly accessible via www.dance.lt platform in both Lithuanian and English languages. This tool will allow to present Lithuanian dance to foreign partners more effectively and will also ensure a convenient way to access information about dance locally.

Contemporary dance was joined by contemporary circus

LDIC has decided to broaden their field of work and from now onwards it will also present contemporary circus. According to Gintarė Masteikaitė, it was a very natural decision, because this art form is very similar in the ways of development – contemporary circus in Lithuania is now at the same stage as contemporary dance was 25-30 years ago. The process of combining these fields is under way – LDIC has already joined an international circus residency in Stockholm and educational programs, it has also prepared an EU project application together with Swedish partners.

LDIC team with colleagues from APCC (Spain), Sircus info Finland (Finland), ProCirque (Switzerland) ir Manegen (Sweden)

LDIC has joined Circus Next this year – a European multi-annual cooperation project co-funded by the European Commission, aiming to support emerging artist and encourage their cooperation and sharing of experience in Europe and beyond. Together with partners, LDIC has written an application for artistic and educational activities and hopes to present the first contemporary circus projects next year.

LDIC team with “Double Rainbow and Tornado” artistic team

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