C O L O N Y winter dance intensive 2019

Vilnius city dance theatre LOW AIR presents: the annual dance intensive in Nida, Lithuania – C O L O N Y.

Once again, dance will colonize the Nida arts colony and all the local resources, including the sea, the forest and the hospitality of the locals, will be used to advance our dancing further. Dance Colony is a search for previously undiscovered dancing territories, it is a chance to forge new friendships, it is a chance to improve oneself by using dance, it is a week-long get-away to the forest and by the sea.

Dance C O L O N Y will include:
– Intensive dance workshops for the whole week taught by dance and movement leading professionals from abroad and Lithuania;
– Gaga and Play-Fight training methods, Contemporary and urban dance classes;
– The ability to participate for a whole week or for a long weekend (thursday-sunday);
– Life revolving around dance. Isolated from civilization, we will be able to concentrate on working on our dance, exploring our creative capabilities and finding new friends among the likeminded individuals attending the intensive;
– Dance movies and discussions.

Teachers at the C O L O N Y winter dance intensive:

– PLAY-FIGHT with Bruno Caverna
– IDF | Illusionary Dance Forms with Patrick Williams / Twoface
– GAGA with Natalia Vik

Learn more about classes and teacher:

Bruno Caverna is the founder of Play-Fight method. Involved into various movement practices (capoeira, contact improvisation, contemporary dance, acrobatics, martial arts) since he was a child, Bruno created the Play-Fight method as a universally applied training method for dancers and other types of movers. Bruno Has been a tireless and enthusiastic teacher since 1994 when he started teaching and sharing his knowledge about movement with people from different walks of life. Since then, he has taught around the world, visiting more than 30 countries while doing so.
Play-fight growing from its foundation, the moving and embodied the philosophy of Liquid Body, Play-Fight practice is a deep excavation of the nature of our human condition. The name is an attempt to represent the inherent polarities, present in biological and social realms, like a symphonic interplay between confrontational and cooperative qualities. In this perspective, life is an unavoidable relational play-fight condition that takes place uninterruptedly within ourselves from moment to moment as well as at each interaction with the surroundings. The cooperative aspect of the practice ensures that an individual’s integrity is absolute. On the confrontational side, the practice has the potential to reflect each other’s blind spots and to expose concealed unconscious resistances, like a ruthless mirror that challenges the delusory myth of our personal identities.



Patrick S. Williams aka Twoface approached successfully, several dance disciplines, with under. Since 2014 Working on his professional career as an artist of dance. Born in Munich Germany Hip hop, popping, breakdance and Locking. After many years of engaging in the Battle and competition scene, he became an artist on Theater and opera stages. Working with Choreographers like Malou Airoudo and Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui.
Within the last few years, he and His Dance Partner ROBOZEE, were creating a new platform for Urban dancers, Called IDF / Illusionary dance Forms.

Patrick’s / Twoface workflow is mainly based on teaching movement tools and concepts for the development of textures and movement variations for every individual style.

The main thoughts during the class are on IDF / Illusionary Dance Forms:
– Geometrical shapes and shapeshifting;
– Liquid motion;
– Character and identity design;
– Imaginary tools and how to apply them to movement;
– Compose and control of timing;

Curent and previous work:
– 2018 “STOIC” Theater production with the Gothenburg opera Danskompan and Eastman company.
– 2017 “SATYAGRAHA” Opera production in Basel and Berlin / Eastman company.
– 2016 “ICON” Theater production with the Gothenburg opera Danskompan and Eastman company.
– 2015 “LES INDIES GALANTES” Opera production in Munich
Eastman company.
– 2014 “FRACTUS V” Theater production in Antwerp Eastman company.



Gaga is a movement language which Ohad Naharin developed over the course of many years and which is applied in daily practice and exercises by the Batsheva Dance Company members. The Gaga/people track was developed for everyone and at every age, and it is studied by an increasing number of people at the Suzanne Dellal Centre, in Jerusalem, and in other locations in Israel, New York, San Francisco, London, Belgium, and around the world.

More about teacher Natalia Vik: http://gagapeople.com/english/team/teachers/natalia-vik/

“Gaga challenges multi-layer tasks. We are aware of the connection between effort and pleasure, we are aware of the distance between our body parts, we are aware of the friction between flesh and bones, we sense the weight of our body parts, yet, our form is not shaped by gravity… We are aware of where we hold unnecessary tension, we let go only to bring life and efficient movement to where we let go… We are turning on the volume of listening to our body, we appreciate small gestures, we are measuring and playing with the texture of our flesh and skin, we might be silly, we can laugh at ourselves. We connect to the sense of “plenty of time,” especially when we move fast, we learn to love our sweat, we discover our passion to move and connect it to the effort, we discover both the animal we are and the power of our imagination. We are “bodybuilders with a soft spine.”
We learn to appreciate understatement and exaggeration, we become more delicate and we recognize the importance of the flow of energy and information through our body in all directions. We learn to apply our force in an efficient way and we learn to use “other” forces.
We discover the advantage of soft flesh and sensitive hands, we learn to connect to groove even when there is no music.
We are aware of people in the room and we realize that we are not in the centre of it all. We become more aware of our form since we never look at ourselves in a mirror; there are no mirrors. We connect to the sense of the endlessness of possibilities. Yielding is constant while we are ready to snap…
We explore multi-dimensional movement, we enjoy the burning sensation in our muscles, we are aware of our explosive power and sometimes we use it. We change our movement habits by finding new ones, we can be calm and alert at once.
We become available“



To look for the meaning of Low Air, one has to search somewhere between the constant paradox (as if the Air could ever be Low) and the ever-existing thirst for experiencing and under-standing reality (as if there is never enough of Air). The first reference point is forcing us to live through the discrepancies, question the norms and ways of thinking; the second one insists on always feeling the urge to create, it ignites the constant search for meaning and at the same time it is a reminder that we all are merely small pieces of the never-ending quest for creativity.

Workshops led by Low Air designed to practice on the different ways of gaining flow. The flow that comes from urban styles based dance techniques and flow which can be found learning contemporary techniques. Creative exercises and tasks help to develop own personal movement, practice interesting breaking transitions and intelligent house and jazz footwork. The conceptual way of thinking leads us to the new forms of dance.

For the 4th edition of the Colony winter dance intensive Airida and Laurynas teams up the collective of amazing dancers and creators who’s creative approach will guide you all the way:
– Brigida Gruodytė
– Agnietė Lisičkinaitė
– Sigita Juraškaitė
– Eivinas Dziena
– Marius Eidrigevičius
– Ana Umnova,
teachers at Low Air Vilnius city dance theatre’s dance school work individualy on a profesional stage and teach classes with a strong base in urban (Hip-hop, Popping, Breaking, House, Waacking), Jazz and Contemporary techniques.

Creators of Low Air Airida Gudaitė and Laurynas Žakevicius established the company Low Air in 2012 as the first urban dance theatre in Lithuania. They aim to uncover the artistic potential of street dance and introduce it to theatre lovers everywhere. They first met on a TV dance contest and a few years later came to prominence by winning another along with festivals appearances and as winners of several awards.
Their debut piece – the romantic street dance performance “Feel-Link” was the first urban/hip-hop dance production in Lithuania and on its debut was nominated for the prestigious Lithuanian Golden Stage Cross theatre awards (for Best Debut of the Year) and choreographers Airida Gudaitė and Laurynas Žakevičius were awarded that competition’s Best Choreographers the following year for their second dance theatre performance “Home Trip” (for Best Choreography of the Year). For their next two creative dance works choreographer were nominated and afterward awarded with the prestigious Lithuanian Golden Stage Cross theatre award. Visual dance piece “Game Over” was awarded as a Best dance piece of the year 2016. Same year creators were awarded Borisas Dauguvietis Earring for both the successful research and development of a new stage forms connecting urban dance and theatre and for the pedagogical work which changes a face of Lithuanian contemporary dance. In 2017 dancers and choreographers were awarded by Lithuanian contemporary dance association (Best Choreographic work of 2016). In the end of 2017 Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuanian awarded Low Air choreographers and dancers Airida Gudaite and Laurynas Žakevicius with a National award given to young creators.


We will dance, eat and live in the Nida art colony: http://nidacolony.lt/en/colony

During the duration of the intensive, we will isolate ourselves in a multifunctional exhibition, cinema, concert and rehearsal space of 188 sq. meters and more.

– WEEK – 7 days at the Dance Colony (Monday – Sunday) – 300 euro.
– WEEKEND – 4 days at the Dance Colony (Thursday – Sunday) – 180 euro.

Price of the Colony will rise from 28th of January, 2019. The new price will be: WEEK – 330 euro / WEEKEND – 210 euro.

scroll down the webpage for the bank details:

In order to guarantee yourself a spot and fully register, you must pay half the price until the 3rd of February, 2019.
The prices include: living in Nida art colony, food, dance classes, and other entertainment. The travel to and from the intensive is not included in the price. If you need information on how to get there – feel free to contact us.

Proof that we had successfully colonized Nida before:
– 2018: https://vimeo.com/306428994
– 2017: https://vimeo.com/250987055
– 2016: https://vimeo.com/168842509


ASK FOR MORE: info@lowair.lt

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