Search for Dance Partners in Two Continents and Community Activities

Lithuanian Dance Information Center (LDIC) reviews the most important events and dance community gatherings of the past couple of months and presents the results of traveling around the dance world.

Search for Dance Performances and Partners in Different Continents

This February and March Lithuanian Dance Information Center was selecting new production for dance festival, networking and presenting Lithuanian dance in two distant continents: Canada and Australia. Gintarė Masteikaitė, director of the LDIC and New Baltic Dance Festival, visited the first ever International Vancouver Dance Showcase on February 18-21, organized specially for dance professionals from all around the world. The showcase presented by six Canadian dance organizations (Ballet BC, Belsher Arts Management, The Dance Center, DanceHouse, Eponymous, and Kidd Pivot) was attended by 50 selected dance field producers, festival programmers and representatives of dance organizations from all over the world.

LDIC was invited to Vancouver thanks to a long-standing Lithuanian-Canadian friendship, which started after the Canadian Dance Focus program presented in New Baltic Dance’16. Lithuanian dance is also presented at the CINARS Dance Biennial every two years since 2014. “We traveled there to get acquainted with the main Vancouver dance artists and companies as well as to discover the potential partners for cooperation. During the visit, we started planning a multi-stage future project that could consist of artistic, educational programs and exchanges and would incorporate the main Lithuanian dance institutions. A certain introduction to the start of the project will already take place this year during the New Baltic Dance festival, when guests from Canada will meet with the members of Lithuanian dance field during Baltic Dance Platform. “- Gintarė Masteikaitė talks about the fruitful trip.

On March 12-24 LDIC visited Dance Massive in Australia – the largest contemporary dance festival in Melbourne, featuring exclusively Australian dance artists and companies.

This year it also had a special focus on the creative work of Australian Aboriginal artists. For the first time, Lithuania has been invited by the Australian Art Council to this festival organized by the Art House, Dancehouse and Malthouse Theater. Gintarė Masteikaitė, who has participated in Dance Massive, had the opportunity to see already completed works of the evening program and still developing dance projects, work in progresses and ideas, as well as to participate in the networking events and discussions dedicated for international community of professionals.

The results of the trip, according to Gintarė, will be available to see soon in Lithuania – it is planned to present a wider panorama of dance from regions of Asia and Australia during the New Baltic Dance of 2020. In fact, we will see the first Australian artist of the festival this year – the young generation dancer and choreographer James Batchelor, who will present the solo performance Hyperspace.

Events for the Dance Community

On March 14, LDIC, in cooperation with LATGA and AGATA associations, organized a seminar on copyright and related rights for the dance sector. It introduced the principles and mistakes of using music pieces. The speakers and dance sector members discussed the rights protected by choreographers and dance performers, speakers also answered questions of the dance field representatives.

On 20 March in Kaunas Romuva Hall, Kaunas community was presented with the project carried out by LDIC – documentary “Portraits of Lithuanian Dance Creators”. After the screening there was a discussion with the film’s heroes and creative team.

(c) G. Žaltauskaitė

Every year during this project short documentaries are created, presenting the personalities of contemporary Lithuanian dance creators and performers, their creative work in various stages. The project aims to introduce the audience to the contemporary dance field, to observe the history and development of Lithuanian dance.

The work of the Lithuanian Dance Information Center are funded by the Lithuanian Council for Culture and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania.

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