Lithuanian Dance Information Centre Decided to Scale Down Some Activities and Dedicate Financial Support to Dance and Circus Community

The whole world is assessing the damage caused by the pandemic. The quarantine in Lithuania and other countries has painfully affected the culture sector: canceled events, suspended projects, terminated international tours. In response to this situation, Lithuanian Dance Information Centre (LDIC) has made a decision to adjust their usual activities and support the art sector. LDIC is scaling down some of their projects, redistributing the budget and helping the community of contemporary dance and circus artists, critics and educators.

“It was hard to give up the creative ambitions, but we believe that these ambitions have to be moved aside during these difficult times. We have to think how support our field and keep it safe.” – says Gintarė Masteikaitė, the head of LDIC and New Baltic Dance festival.

Baltic Dance Platform. By Dainius Putinas

Change in Programmes

LDIC has consulted the Lithuanian Council for Culture and redistributed the budget of 2020. The organization has canceled Lithuanian dance platform in Belarus, reduced the delegations of Lithuanian dance presentations in the upcoming performing arts fairs in Germany and Canada, international travel budget has become smaller.

International education programmes are being moved to next year as well as part of creation of biographic documentary on Lithuanian dance personalities. LDIC has deliberately decreased the volume of the biggest dance education project Summer Intensive and the international dance festival New Baltic Dance. The independent culture sector was hugely affected therefore LDIC has decided to dedicate their reworked budget directly to the professional dance and circus field and the support of its work. “It is extremely important, because we are closely linked with one another, so any type of weakening of the sector would be felt by all of us. It would also affect our audience.” – says G. Masteikaitė.

During this period, LDIC will focus on two main activities: artistic residencies for individuals and preparation of educational, informational publications.

Gintarė Masteikaitė, the head of LDIC and New Baltic Dance festival. By Dmitrijus Matvejevas

Artistic Residency at Home

LDIC invites artists to apply for a three-month artistic residency which will take place in their own home or other place in compliance with all security requirements and without breaking any established quarantine restrictions. The LDIC hopes this residency will allow artists to develop and generate fresh ideas, initiate new creative activities, provide an opportunity to improve their creative practices, working methods and raise professional competence.

New Baltic Dance Festival. By Dmitrijus Matvejevas

Authors of the most interesting creative ideas will be invited to present them during the New Baltic Dance festival at the end of the year, or, if possible, the ideas will be integrated into other projects LDIC carry out. Throughout the creative residency, the team of LDIC will maintain direct contact with residents, providing all of their available resources. All professionals from the field of contemporary dance and circus arts can submit their creative ideas to the residency, as well as individuals whose creative ideas are related to these fields and their development.

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