Explore the experience of a personal dance created here and now for you!

A contemporary dance artist Aistė Kriukelytė, the participant of Lithuanian Dance Information Centre’s Creative Residency Programme at Home, is exploring the experience of a personal dance – an improvised performance created here and now specifically for one spectator. She creates the dance by following whatever impulses come up in the body and is interested in her own sensations, feelings and thoughts when doing that as well as in what comes up for the spectator when seeing this. It is a way of exploring the connection between the performer and the spectator during a not-so-usual way of meeting another person in whatever shape and place (s)he is. She started this research in 2019 by meeting the spectators in person and now due to the global lockdown she continues on-line. The on-line format is a great opportunity for people from all over the world to receive a special gift – a dance, danced by an experienced dancer specially for you. Yes, you can also receive one.

Picture: Dance Exploration Platform “BITĖS”

The process is as follows:

– You agree on the time of the meeting

– When this time comes, you press the zoom link and meet the dancer on the screen

– You choose and play your favourite music, sounds or… silence

– The dancer dances

– If you want, you can ask or discuss something with the dancer. (She speaks English, Russian and Lithuanian.)

The whole thing takes around 15-20 min. The planned time for the meetings is June 5, 6 and 7. If you would like to receive a dance, please register via e-mail karetaite@gmail.com. When registering, please specify the time you are available for the on-line meeting.


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