Tanzkongress 2022 – Call for Proposals

The sixth edition  of  the Tanzkongress  2022 will  take  place from  16  to  19  June  2022  in Mainz, Germany. The event has been established as an international forum for discussing and reflecting  on  current  trends  in  dance  and  choreography  as  well  as  movement  in theory  and practice.  In  2022,  the  theme  of  the  Tanzkongress  will  be Sharing  Potentials,  providing  a platform for the dance community to exchange ideas, learn from one another and grow in the increasingly  diverse  and  inclusive  world  of  dance.  The  congress  was  born  out  of  the  role  of tanzmainz being a bridge between the independent scene and repertory theatres.

Through this call for proposals Tanzkongress would  like  to  invite  dancers,  choreographers,  rehearsal directors, dramaturges,  producers,  theorists,  company  and  theatre  directors,  and  all  dance professionals  to  put  forward  ideas,  projects  and  case  studies  from  your  respective  fields.  Tanzkongress invites you to present your best practice models for sharing information and other resources. Any  suggestions  for  topics  related  to  the  ever-growing collaboration between  repertory  theatres/companies  and  the  independent   dance  scene and  the associated potential and opportunities are welcome. We will also accept submissions from any other artistic and scientific disciplines.

Open Call I: Sharing Potentials

The pandemic has made us more aware and critical of our working cultures. Therefore we must ask ourselves, how can we rethink our approach? Is there a way to be more sustainable, accessible and inclusive? How to be efficient in the current climate? The aim of the Tanzkongress is to generate a debate within the dance community, about how we can share our knowledge and resources with one another beyond traditional boundaries. What forms of teamwork do we find inspiring in our artistic, independent and institutional work? What new cooperative models have emerged from the pandemic? We would love to gather ideas of the best practice examples and suggestions for future-oriented concepts.

Open Call II: Bridging the Independent Dance Scene and Repertory Theatres/Companies

The independent scene is shaped by its flexibility and high creative potential, but everyday work in this sector is often influenced by fragile economic conditions. By contrast, repertory theatres are versatile places of production, creation and presentation where professionals are obliged to generate high viewing figures, and therefore are more rigid in production. But despite all their persisting differences, the two worlds have been moving closer together in terms of their structure and aesthetics; collaborations and hybrids of two communities are no longer a rarity. What are the opportunities and challenges presented by this form of cooperation? What does this mean for the different fields, from politics to education, theatres and their audiences? As well as dancers, producers and choreographers? We would like to discuss what stimulating experiences and models have already been created, and potentially what (social) utopias can be developed from them?

Please note:

We would like to address our call for proposals to groups only (two people or more). This is the interest of encouraging critical discourse, and with a focus on sharing knowledge and experience.

We would like to explicitly request submissions that critically reflect on common conventions and formats. We warmly welcome proposals from diverse backgrounds and experiences.

The selected submissions will be discussed during the Tanzkongress, which will be held from 16 to 19 June 2022 in Mainz.

The submission deadline is Monday, 31 May 2021.

Please submit your proposals in German or English by email to the dramaturge Ingrida Gerbutavičiūtė: igerbutaviciute@tanzkongress2022.de. Please write Open Call I or Open Call II in the subject line. We will give feedback by mid-July 2021.

Your written submission must include the following information:

1) A brief description of your proposal (max. 500 words)

2) A concise curriculum vitae for each member of the proposal (max. 250 words each)

3) More information on technical and spatial requirements, timeframes and other conditions, as well as the language of the proposed contribution

4) A rough calculation of the costs involved

We will also accept proposals via other sources of media, for example video and audio messages (to be sent f.e. via WeTransfer).

The submissions will be selected by the artistic team of the Tanzkongress 2022.

The Tanzkongress 2022 is an event organised by the Federal Cultural Foundation and Mainz State Theatre.

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