Dance research platform “bitės’22” | UNENDING RESEARCH | Elmyra Ragimova

This year, the dance research platform “bitės’22” updated the format and direction and invited artists to talk about the topic of unending research. Elmyra Ragimova shares her process and experiences during the platform.

Do you have questions/thesis/challenges from which you want to continue the research that you have started?

I am still curious about the possible ways of building performative presence, curious to find the tools for creating it. And, a wider question would be – what creates performativity, which components/elements are needed for it to be created?

Also, I found out that it is important for me to be able to verbalize “strategies” of building the performative presence in order to give precise instructions for myself and/or for the others.

Besides that, I am curious about the ways of reaching different states of mind. What are the differences between the presence and the state? Can a certain state of mind be used as a performative presence and vice versa?

What kind of practices do I need to develop in order to sharpen my skill of “diving” into the needed presence or state of mind?

Which aspects of the platform enabled you? Which aspects were challenging? In order to know: what did you need/what worked for you?

15-minutes-writing task was truly helpful. It really helped me to clarify my current curiosities and needs in general.

Talking about the challenges, it was uneasy for me to start working alone in the studio, maybe because I was not that used to make specific tasks for myself. Also, strong self-policing was appearing even before starting to do something. Anyways, I think I dealt with those challenges quite well.

What is the value of having a constant exchange and discussions with the same group of people? How did it influence your thinking?

Staying in the same group of people creates a feeling of safety, which is extremely valuable as during the process I could find myself in quite vulnerable places, in the unknown, which is both exciting and a bit scary. So, sharing my experience in a non-judgemental community helped me to accept the struggles that I faced and to go through them more bravely. Also, it is good to know that someone follows you and has a sense of where you are at the moment, so there is a certain consistency, which, I guess, also implements the feeling of safety.


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