The Baltic Dance platform announces the program and extends the guest registration to 15th of January

Mark your calendars, as from the 9th to 11th of February in Riga will be held the Baltic Dance platform 2024, presenting the latest contemporary dance performances and artists of the Baltic region.

Baltic Dance Platform 2022. Foto Aron Urb.

The Baltic Dance platform in Riga is the third edition of the collaborative event carried out by all three Baltic countries – Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia –  gathering contemporary dance art scene’s representatives and artists in close three day interaction. Within the programme it will be possible to experience nine contemporary dance performances (three of each Baltic country)) and fifteen artists’ presentations (five of each Baltic country), as well as networking events. The Baltic Dance platform will be a space to observe the Baltic (and not only) bodies challenged in movement precision, speed, trust, and exhilaration accompanied by  loud music, clay dust and nudity.  Visitors will be invited to witness the sleep as resistance forms, and the infinite battle between tradition and its relationship with today will climax in the eternal quest for connection. Explore all the programme on our website –

The Baltic Dance platform’s important dimension is also networking. Therefore, more than fifty curators, festival directors, dance artists and producers from all over the world have already committed to visit Riga in February. And the Baltic Dance platform is ready to host more and extends the registration for the professionals of the field to 15th of January.  Please submit this simple registration form to register your attendance.

Baltic Dance Platform is an initiative started at the end of 2018 by three Baltic countries’ dance organizations – Lithuanian Dance Information Centre, Estonian Contemporary Dance Platform “Soltumatu Tantsu Lava”/STL and Latvian Dance Information Centre. Baltic Dance Platform aims to create space for strong long-term network and collaboration among professional dance artists, dance organizations and institutions within the Baltic countries as well as connecting Baltic dance artists to dance professionals from all over the world with ambition to enable the Baltic dance scene’s international presence. All information about the Baltic Dance Platform, including the selected Baltic artists within the programme can be found at

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