NUEPIKO dance company


NUEPIKO is a Lithuania based dance company founded by Marius Paplauskas, Marius Pinigis, Andrius Stakele. Started from the dance performance “(g)round zero” project in 2016, the company of three dancers decided to continue their collaboration in more consolidated artistic path. Stage performances, music, video art, education through movement and dance are the peaces which brought together create an artistic unit NUEPIKO. 

The dancers created dance performance entitled “(g)round zero” which was shown in various festivals in Lithuania, Mexico, Israel, Ukraine, Germany, Spain already more than 30 times. 

The performance “(g)round zero” has strong educational side.  It is involved in many initiatives in Kaunas city, which is named as a European Capital of Culture in 2022. Performing in the various suburbs of the city, involvement in projects with schools (“With Movement to the Culture”), performing in the street festivals – these are the paths, in which the team NUEPIKO is highly involved. 

Acknowledgements: nomination for “the best performance of the year” and “the best dancer(s) of the year” in the main National Lithuanian theatre awards. Award for “the best project and performance” with the statue of “Fortune” in their native city Kaunas. Choreographer and dancer Marius Pinigis for his artistic work was named as an “Artist of the year” in his native city Kaunas. Choreographer and dancer Marius Pinigis for his role in “(g)round zero” was named as a “Dancer of the year” by Contemporary Dance Association in Lithuania.

Choreographer, dancers

  • Marius Pinigis – choreographer, dancer
  • Marius Paplauskas  – choreographer, dancer 
  • Andrius Stakelė – choreographer, dancer, composer
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