A Colleague from Another Tribe. Events program curated by Austėja Vilkaitytė

  • Date: 10 January 2019 17:00
  • Place: National Gallery of Art, Vilnius
  • Premiere: 2018
  • Duration: 2,5 h

The artist Austėja Vilkaitytė invites the Vinted company team as well as a business consultant Indra Bukauskienė and a former busineswoman Dalė Ruplėnienė to take part in the exhibition A Colleague from Another Tribe. Events prepared in collaboration with these businesspeople will take place on the opening night, among other days, in the course of the exhibition (13 and 18 December, 9 and 10 January).

January 9, Wednesday
14:00-15:00 First floor, southern lobby. Dalė Ruplėnienė. Metamorphosis of Suomija, Suit 2
14:00-15:30 First floor, northern lobby. Indra Bukauskienė. Personal Sales Consultations
16:00-16:30 Hall 6. Indra Bukauskienė. Meditation Gibberish

January 10, Thursday
17:00-18:00 First floor, southern lobby. Dalė Ruplėnienė. Metamorphosis of Suomija, Suit 1
17:00-18:30 First floor, northern lobby. Indra Bukauskienė. Personal Sales Consultations
18:30-19:30 Hall 7. Discussion with the Vinted team Strategy is Creative Work. Participants: Milda Mitkutė, Mindaugas Kuprionis, Mindaugas Mozūras, Modestas Tursa, Viktorija Jaksebagaitė

Two-part performance Metamorphosis of Suomija by Dalė Ruplėnienė

Dalė Ruplėnienė recalls a not so distant past – a time when she had a clothing shop called Suomija, from which two suits have been left today. Like many small businesses, Suomija had to close when the Akropolis shopping mall was opened. Yet, two years before closing the shop, Dalė realized that she liked taking care of people and opened a spa center in the shop. Already after closing the shop, Dalė began to take interest in holodynamics, and continues to lead seminars on this topic. As she states: “If not for holodynamics, I wouldn’t be here. Thus we should rather talk about the metamorphosis of Suomija into holodynamics.” At the exhibition, Dalė will do a performance, during which she will use her body as a transistor to listen to the telepathic voice of the suits that have survived from the times of the Suomija shop.

Indra Bukauskienė. Personal Sales Consulting
Having studied medicine and business, Indra Bukauskienė offers personal consultations. In her consultations on how to improve sales, she teaches how to raise the value of a product through emotional contribution. In her consultation Transessence she discusses psychological problems, personal situations and relations. During the consultations at the National Gallery of Art, the visitors will be able to choose between one of two variants. “Human potential has no limits, and my job is to help everyone to see the possibilities.” – Indra Bukauskienė

Indra Bukauskienė. Meditation Gibberish
During the exhibition, the visitors will be invited to try a meditation created specially for Westerners (short version). Meditations adapted for Westerners are active and aim to focus attention on the body and let the mind rest. A 25-minute meditation consisting of movement, unconscious speech and silence will help the participants to look at the approaching evening and perceive the exhibition, and the bodies encountered there, in a new way. Before the meditation Indra Bukauskienė will share her personal story of how she transitioned from business to the art of self-actualization: “The head is only one fifth of the body. If we use the entire body, we will switch off ‘the radio’ – our constantly confused and exhausted mind – and will be able to move into silence. Silence is important – having stayed in silence for some time, we can see situations in a new light, find new ways or new solutions to an inner conflict…” – Indra Bukauskienė
To reserve your free consultation, please, call +370 675 10015 or write egle@ndg.lt

Discussion with the Vinted team, Strategy is Creative Work
Vinted is a startup company. Like many startups, its business model is untested, and its fate is hardly predictable: both successful growth and sharp decline are possible. During the discussion, the members of the Vinted team will discuss what encouraged them to join the company, what challenges they face in developing their business, how strategies can be creatively developed and how one can deal with fear in the presence of an unknown future. Together with the artist Austėja Vilkaitytė the team will discuss how much of an artist a businessperson is, and vice versa, and what a startup’s lifestyle and an artist’s daily life have in common. The discussion will take place twice, along with its participants. Time and location are indicated in the program. Listeners are invited to join the discussion.