AURA’29: Dance Company ROOSNA & FLAK | Estonia

  • Date: 4 October 2019 18:00
  • Place: National Kaunas Drama Theatre, Laisves av. 71, Main Stage
  • Premiere: 2018
  • Duration: 55'


Images: Antero Hein

In 2018 Prime Mover was nominated for the Estonian Dance Awards.

Concept: Külli Roosna and Kenneth Flak
Choreography: Roosna & Flak in collaboration with the dancers
Co-production: Bærum Kulturhus, Endla Teater, Scenekunst Sør and Sõltumatu Tantsu Lava
Performance: Isabell Bartnes Johansen, Kenneth Flak, Külli Roosna and Rakesh Sukhesh
Sound design and music: Kenneth Flak in collaboration with Külli Roosna
Light design and technique: Thomas Dotzler
Dramaturgy and rehearsal directing: Thomas Falk
Software consultant: Marije Baalman
Costumes: Roosna & Flak in collaboration with Ursula Mängel

A: May I lay my heart at your feet?

B: Only if you don’t make a mess on the floor

Heiner Müller

In „Prime Mover“ Roosna and Flak deal with movement as both cause and effect, freedom as well as

inevitability. „Prime Mover“ is an impulse to do something. It is also the giant engine that we are all a part of, a machinery consisting of environment, technology, history, sensations and dreams. We try to find our way in all of this. We look, we listen, we touch, we think. Occasionally we arrive to an illusion of certainty, but then reality shifts and we are lost. Again.

The audience is invited into a breathing, living universe with no real beginning and no real end, where
play and seriousness merge, and where thought and movement are one and the same.


Internationally active choreographers and dancers Külli Roosna (Estonia) and Kenneth Flak (Norway)
have been collaborating since 2008. Whether they are creating their own choreographies or dancing for
others, their work deals with the narratives and technologies of the body. They have explored a wide range of themes, including ecology, ancient Viking mythology, contemporary internet culture and totalitarian regimes. The core of their work is the dancing body’s possibilities and limitations, in a constant dialogue with the digital technologies and discourses that extend and counterpoint it. Their interactive music and dance performance „Blood Music“ was nominated for the Estonian Dance Awards 2015, performance  „Stalking Paradise“, as commission work for Lublin Dance Theater, was selected for the biannual Polish Dance Days.

Supported by: Norwegian Arts Council, Fund for Sound and Image, Estonian Cultural Capital, Vest-Agder Province, Pärnu Municipality, Kristiansand Municipality.