New Baltic Dance: “Mechanics of Distance”. Máté Mészáros / SÍN production (Hungary)

  • Date: 13 August 2020 19:00
  • Place: By the MO Museum (Vilnius)
  • Premiere: 2019
  • Duration: 60'

Choreography and concept: Máté Mászáros
Creators-performers: Jenna Jalonen, Máté Mészáros, Zsófia Tamara Vadas
Music: Áron Porteleki
Consultant: Tamás Bakó
Producer: SÍN Arts Centre
The production was realized with the support of the Zoltán Imre Programme of the National Cultural Fund.
The choreography is part of the Aerowaves 2020 Spring Forward selection.
The performers from three very different backgrounds (a classically trained ballet dancer, a dancer with a folk dance background and a dancer trained with contemporary techniques) and the musician interfere with each others personal spaces so much that the recipient/spectator can make away from their usual urge/constraints for interpretation. The bodies place the dance in the perspective of fine arts by their plasticity, fictily materiality.
The piece presents encounter-variatons of bodies in space stimulating free interpretation. Episodic events drawn from
social and personal contexts represent emotional, moral or intellectual situations. (Dorottya Albert,
Tickets: Free of charge