Phil Von solo „Human lost & found“

  • Date: 3 March 2019 19:00
  • Place: MO museum
  • Premiere: 2019

Author & performer: Phil Von
Regard extérieur: Sakurako

Lighting design : Norvydas Birulis
Live sound : Zenitas Amanitovas
Costume: Kristina Gudaitė

French musician, composer, dancer & actor, Phil Von has been performing across Europe for over 30 years. For a year now Phil Von lives and works in Vilnius, where he is artist in residence at Užupis Art Incubator and he is a co-founder of the dance theatre “Okarukas” in Vilnius.

Wishing to present his singular work for the very first time in Lithuania, he has especially created a stage piece which can be defined as a musical dramaturgical “self-portrait” and which captures the essence of his theatrical dance & music works.
“Human, lost & found” is an emblematic solo performance piece about a man facing his life and questioning his destiny, a voyage across vulnerable humanness, a pursuit for renewal via metamorphosis and above all a quest for poetry and balance.

Phil Von is known for having invented his own “electro-flamenco” style & technique which he developed throughout the years with his theatrical music project Von Magnet. The group has won a long-term strong reputation in the music-performance scene across Europe.
As a musician he has composed many electronic soundtracks for dance & theatre and is currently writing music for the Lithuanian dance-theatre company Okarukas. Over the years, he also released many records. His latest C.D will be presented by legendary record label Zona Music during the Book Fair in Vilnius.
This show is a co-production of Post Galerija Kaunas, Zona Music and Okarukas šokio teatras.

Photo credits: Photo by Tomas Kurkinas. Costume by Kristina Gudaitė. Makeup by Jūratė Mua.