Street dance performance FEEL-LINK

  • Date: 3 February 2019 19:00
  • Place: Arts Printing House, Black Hall, Siltadarzio 6, Vilnius

Created and performed by two famous urban culture figures – Laurynas Žakevičius and Airida Gudaitė

Authors has been nominated for this performance to a prestigious Lithuanian theatre award Golden Stage Cross

Scenography by Renata Valčik | lighting design by Povilas Laurinaitis

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Airida Gudaitė and Laurynas Žakevičius represent a new generation of Lithuanian dancers and choreographers. ‘Feel-Link’ explores their relationship as a couple as they use gritty free urban dance to express their emotions towards each other.

‘Feel-Link’ was the first urban/hip-hop dance production in Lithuania and on its debut was nominated for the prestigious Lithuanian Golden Stage Cross theatre awards (for Best Debut of the Year) and they were awarded that competition’s Best Choreographers the following year.

‘Feel-Link’ features an evocative electronica soundtrack that ultimately gives way to the passion and sophisticated rawness of Nina Simone’s Feelings as the dancers engage in a seemingly endless cycle of repressed feelings that ultimately come to an astonishing conclusion.

* reviews

There’s an authenticity to the work dancers Airida Gudaitė and Laurynas Žakevičius produce on stage, that few other performers could hope to replicate. Three stars

[The Scotsman, KELLY APTER, August 16, 2016]


The stage is bare – they truly don’t need anything other than their limber bodies, their creative approach to street dance (now gaining ground in Lithuania) and the loving intuition that exists between them. Four stars

[The Herald, Mary Brennan, August 17 , 2016]


Nevertheless it is a pleasure to watch nicely trained, alive and athletic dancers’ bodies – because it’s pretty, conflict-less hip-hop ballet. [Dita Eglīte, May 14, 2012; journal]

Street dance performance captivated with the perfect combination of bodies. [Dovilė Žilionytė 7, May 2012,]


This motion conversation actually takes place subtly and poetically, avoiding the straightforward in to the conflict or the development, extreme postures become the strongest emotional aftertaste. [Monika Jarulytė, 29, August 2012]

** The performance nominated for he prestigious Lithuanian Golden Stage Cross theatre awards (for Best Debut of the Year)

*** ‘Feel-Link’ presented in Sweden, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia