Lithuanian contemporary dance statistics

Collection of annual contemporary dance data related to the activity in Lithuanian contemporary dance field was initiated by Lithuanian Dance Information Centre (LDIC), in 2018.

In addition to the data on number of shows and audience attendance, LDIC has also collected financial information of the companies receiving state funding during 2016 – 2018 period. The data was collected by sending out a questionnaire to the dance companies and theatres registered in Lithuania, also groups of independent artists. We plan to collect data of independent artists in the future.

LSIC has also created infographics based on the collected data. The infographics show long term developments of performing activities and the state support to the sector. You can open the infographics in the right column.

Participants of the project:

  • AURA Dance Theatre, Public Institution. AURA is the only municipal contemporary dance theatre in Lithuania (Kaunas).
  • AIROS Dance Theatre, Public Entity.
  • Dansema Dance Theatre, Public Entity. Dansema produces professional dance performances for young audience in Lithuania.
  • Low Air Urban Dance Theatre, Public Entity. In 2017, Low Air was honoured with the title of Vilnius City Dance Theatre (for 2017-2019). In 2019, Low Air was selected again by Vilnius City Municipality and honoured with the title of Vilnius City Urban Dance Theatre.
  • Vytis Jankauskas Dance Company, Public Entity.
  • Šeiko Dance Company, Public Entity. Company was established in Klaipėda city and works mostly in Klaipėda, also presents many projects in other parts of Lithuania.
  • Group of artists „B&B“.
  • Group of artists „Nuepiko“. In 2019, artists established Nuepiko Dance Company (Public Entity).
  • Group of artists „Stage Strangers“.