BALLET | Libby Farr

BALLET | A and B levels

The ballet class evaluates and re-evaluate the dancer’s body and is built on the classical structure of a ballet class with the objective to focus on strengthening the dancers awareness of his or her own natural alignment and experience.

The class is divided into two parts: the barre and the center. pratice. Exercises at the barre emphasise isolating and releasing the joints in order to strengthen the dancer’s core awareness and to find were the movement begins in the body to support functional body placement. Body placement becomes more natural and fluid, rather than stiff and held, allowing the movement to be less stressful. The second half of the ballet class, conducted in the center, continually challenges the dancer to use the new found placement .when having to shift weight and carry the body through space . Motivation, flow of movement, and momentum are key points to help the dancer to move from the core and inner muscles to support a greater freedom of dynamic and expression.

The dancer gains a stronger sense of confidence to take space and go beyond technique.

BIOGRAPHY | Libby Farr

Libby Farr began her training in Texas and then continued her education at Ballet West in Colorado and School of American Ballet in New York.

She performed in several Companies including San Diego Ballet,Los Angeles Ballet,Dallas Ballet, in America then Zurich Ballet and Deutsche Oper Berlin in Europe.

Afterwards she joined Theater des Westens in Berlin and Tanz Theater Skoronel as well as teaching in several schools and directing the dance department at Die Etage in Berlin

She then became training director and dancer at Deutsches Nationaltheater Weimar for 2 years and there after ballet mistress and assistant to Amanda Millers Ballet Pretty Ugly .

She has been a regular guest teacher in P.A.R.T.S in Belgium and SEAD in Austria as well as teaching companies throughout Europe. She is also a certified Gyrokinesis teacher.