1. Participants must protect their own and other participants’ health: do not attend the class if they experience symptoms of the disease, keep a safe distance, wash / disinfect their hands frequently with the provided tools, and follow the etiquette of sneezing and coughing.
  2. Please come to the studio no earlier than 10 minutes before the lesson and leave the studio within 10 minutes after the lesson.
  3. Organisers remain the right to update the program, rearrange the groups and not to register participant if the group is full.
  4. Priority is for participants who registered and paid for the workshop earlier.
  5. When registering the participant has to choose classes of her/his level:
  • A level – 3-6 years of experience in this dance field is needed, amateurs (older than 15y);
  • B level – 6 and more years of experience needed;
  • C level – professional dancers, choreographers, dance students.
  1. Teachers remain the right to move the participant to other level after the first class.
  2. Organisers have the right to take photos, film classes and to publish them without separate confirmation of participants.
  3. It is not allowed for students to film or take photos during classes.
  4. During the first day the participant has the right to change workshops but only with agreement of teacher and organisers.
  5. Participation fee for unattended classes can be refunded if participant brings confirmation of condition from medical institution.
  6. Organisers and teachers have the right not to let the participant to the class if she/he is late for more than 5 minutes.
  7. Participation diplommas will be given to participants who attended all the workshop classes.
  8. Participants have to keep the studios and changing rooms clean, not to disturb workshops.
  9. Please take your valuables to the studios. Organisers are not responsible for belongings left in changing rooms.
  10. Participants are responsible for their health and take the risk during workshops. If participant has some health issues, she/he has to inform teachers before the class.
  11. There are no parking places in Arts Printing House.
  12. Participant who is not conforming with the Terms can be expelled without giving the back the participation fee.