Contact Improvisation / Antoine Ragot

Contact Improvisation “Our senses, the essence of the dance”

A-C level

Contact Improvisation emerged as a performative practice, in the post-modern New-York dance scene of the 1960s, and has now become a dance of the people. It is a form of improvisation invented spontaneously and together with the partner(s), in-formed by the sensory and motoric intra-actions and continuous trans-formation. During this workshop, we will use the analytical power of the Axis Syllabus and its ability to track and reveal our movement potential to support our explorations of this social and jubilant contact-improvisation practice.


Antoine Ragot (France, Germany)

Antoine Ragot is dedicated to practice and research in contemporary dance, improvisation, contact improvisation, athletic techniques, and somatics. He runs a yearly educational program in Lake studios, an artist-run studio in Berlin, and brings many years of teaching and coaching through the lens of the Axis Syllabus. 

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