Contemporary dance technique / Guy Nader

Contact Improvisation “Our senses, the essence of the dance”


C level 

The falling and rolling workshop is based on physical and powerful floor work by which many movement patterns involving breathing, speed and release of energy through the body are put to use. By entering and leaving the ground, we will be activating our relationship between our point of center and our limbs, and how this combination works in relation to the floor. We will focus on our bone structure and study the use of spirals in order to understand and improve our efficiency and to heighten our perception and physical awareness. We will study various ways to fall and roll in multiple directions, to drop and lift in a smooth and yet efficient way, by activating spirals from a low and strong physical center. By exploring various movement possibilities, we will create sequences, which exist on many physical levels and planes. We will also investigate the anatomy of the locomotor system, in order to re-allocate our energy and conserve it in order to work more efficiently. We will search the body for weight, flexibility and strength through the exploration of multiple energy levels to understand the breath of our limitations.


Guy Nader (Lebanon)

Guy Nader obtains a BA in Theatre from the Institute of Fine Arts at the Lebanese University in Beirut and a diploma from Moveo, a physical theater school in Barcelona. He has been granted the DanceWEB Europe scholarship in 2012. He works and collaborates regularly with the dancer and choreographer Maria Campos with whom has co-created several works. 

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