Contemporary dance technique / Maria Campos


C level

The class is based on the floor work and release technique through exercises that mobilize different body parts, giving special attention to articulations and toning up muscles as a way to prepare the body and the concentration. We will focus on awakening the corporal awareness as well as relating the body within the space. We will introduce the principles of weight and gravity as well as working with a low centre rooted and grounded to empower the pelvic area and to be able to move lightly and efficiently. I will propose patterns and sequences on horizontal and vertical planes, entering and leaving the floor on a dynamic but smooth way, with the muscular tone needed. Efficiency and organic approach to movement that will bring us to challenging places. An important part of the work will be based on simple physical principles that allow us to analyze movement and search for mechanics. The importance of floor work for the understanding of concepts of gravity and weight, momentum, suspension, dropping the weight, to use the amount of strength in movement to create other movements, to enrich quality movement by searching into spirals… We will seek to find strength and energy in our dance needed to execute a movement in order to develop a dynamic and energetic way of moving coexisting with the directions that the space around provides us. Understanding movement as a driving force.


Maria Campos (Spain)

Maria Campos studied at SEAD in Austria and obtained a BA in Dance from the Amsterdam School of the Arts (MTD) in 2003. She has worked with various companies and independent artists, combining teaching and her own creation. Since 2006, she collaborates with Guy Nader creating their own works as an ensemble.  

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