Feldenkrais / Paul Pui Wo Lee


B, C level / open

What’s more possible for you beyond your habitual? This workshop trains the kinaesthetic awareness that improves your understanding and image of yourself to help you develop a more refined ability of your nervous system to maneuver your skeleton with less unnecessary effort. Through exploring some unhabitual movements, we’ll discover and embody strategies of moving that are easier, more flexible, more effective, healthier, and even more pleasurable, so you may be moving in ways that reflect your deeper human potential.


Paul Pui Wo Lee (Germany)

The rehearsal director/choreographic assistant for Of Curious Nature, a contemporary dance company based in Bremen, Germany. Upon graduating from Canada’s National Ballet School, he trained for a year at the Rotterdam Dance Academy and then moved on to dance with IT Dansa in Barcelona and then the Gothenburg Opera Ballet. Later as a freelance dancer, he worked with choreographers in Scandinavia, Italy, and Germany, and had the fortune to perform at The Barbican in London and The Kennedy Centre in Washington, D.C. with Andersson Dance’s “Goldberg Variations – ternary patterns for insomnia”.

For more details, see the website: https://www.paulsfeldenkraisprojects.com