Partnering | Creation tools / Guy Nader and Maria Campos

C level

This workshop is based on partnering and contact work and on the vocabulary of the work used in GN|MC creation’s processes and researches. We propose tasks and points of departure to start opening up a world of imagination where the body is treated from very different points of view. We search for mechanics, observe movement in order to multiply paths and approaches to the understanding of movement and body. We are interested in looking into the possibilities that the body offers and how we make use of them.

We will study different ways to carry the partner (portés), give weight, find a common axis, counterweight, balance, move together in space using each other… We will work on developing the ability of trusting the other as well as taking risks. We will learn movement sequences in pairs of earlier works (“repertoire”) as well as create and compose sequences based on partner work through concrete physical tasks.


Guy Nader and Maria Campos

GN | MC is an ensemble that involves the artistic works of the two choreographers and dancers, Guy Nader and Maria Campos. Based in Barcelona, the Lebanese and Spanish artists collaborate since 2006 and have been creating several works shown internationally in different festivals and venues. GN | MC have been developing their own artistic language through movement and constantly redefining themselves while searching for new contexts and territories for dance. Their artistic work continues to pass over a wide range of progression.

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