This year, “Summer Dance Intensive Vilnius” invites you to end your summer with fantastic dance workshops with world recognized teachers – choreographers from 19 – 27 August. Thus choose the TEACHERS and SEMINARS you like the most, check their SCHEDULE and let’s meet in the dance halls in August!

All workshops will be held in English. Registration to seminars – click here.

“Summer Dance Intensive Vilnius” is the largest educational contemporary dance event in Lithuania dedicated to dance professionals and amateurs, held annually since 2000. Each year, participants are offered contemporary and classical dance classes, rich lectures led by passionate dance teachers from all over the world.

The main objectives of the project are: to raise the level of professional excellence and develop artistic skills of dance professionals and students in theoretical, practical, creativity-enhancing workshops led by experts in the field of dance from all over the world; to interest and introduce the different practices of contemporary dance to a wider range of amateurs and movement practitioners from different fields.

Summer Dance Schools are relevant and popular events all over the world, attracting a large number of participants from different backgrounds. It is important for every dance practitioner to broaden their field of knowledge and horizons, to be inspired, to gain new experiences and to continuously improve their qualifications. “Summer Dance Intensive Vilnius” is a great opportunity to experience all this in Lithuania.

Project is partially funded by Lithuanian Culture Council and Vilnius city municipality.