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Buchok ART Family | Ukraine
9th May 7.30 PM, Lithuanian National Drama Theatre, Small Hall
Production – Alina and Viacheslav Buchok (Buchok ART Family)
Dance: Alina and Viacheslav Buchok
Music: „Doyeq“ – „Ballet In A Box“, „Murcof“ – „Ultimatum“, „Erissoma“ – „Austerity Landscapes“, Nuage – „Farenheit 17“
Supported by – „DK – more culture!“
Premiere: 2013
Duration: 23 min
This work reflects on imagination – such a controversial and mysterious phenomenon of human thought. What is imagination? How does it work? Can it develop? The process of this production is looking for answers to these questions.
The main idea the performance conveys is that the imagination is the individual characteristic of each human being. Viewers often see and perceive everything that happens on the stage in completely different ways. We decided to add „air“ to our work, and let each decide and imagine what this story is about. They can even build and develop their own storyline.
Imagination does not require restrictions, each person has the ability to use it to create unique images and pictures in one's mind. That's why we do not insist on anything specific. This time viewers decide what to see and recognize in our new dance work. One has only to Imagine!
Vyacheslav and Alina Buchok – dancers, choreographers, teachers of contemporary dance. The duet of „Buchok ART Family“ was founded in 2011. Vyacheslav and Alina are engaged in teaching, organizing seasonal dance schools, and productions of their own works. They are active participants of joint projects with foreign choreographers and master classes. Vyacheslav and Alina are pleased to share their experience with students, and promote a conscious attitude to contemporary dance.
The duet believes in the variety of contemporary dance. Constantly stiving to gain new knowledge, the duet shares it with those who are interested. The flow of constantly changing information, encourages them not to stand in one place and be creative in developing new ideas and opportunities.