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"Mutantdance or a Thousand Dances to Dance Before You Die"
Cabaret Rhizome | Estonia
10th May 8 PM, Arts Printing House, Black Hall
Idea: Johannes Veski, Päär Pärenson
Direction, music – Johannes Veski
Choreography – Päär Pärenson
Dancers: Anatoli Tafitšuk, Joonas Parve, Päär Pärenson, Ajjar Ausma
Video – Emer Värk
Supporter – Cultural Endowment of Estonia
Co-producers: „Cabaret Rhizome“ and „Kanuti Gildi SAAL“
Premiere: 2013
Duration: 90 min
„Mutantdance“ will unite the elements of one thousand dances into one long continuous composition. It is a mutant of dance, a choreographic rhizome, plexus of movement and an encyclopedia of kinetic expression.
„Mutantdance“ is a research of the anthropology of dance - by arranging the elements of different dances into chronological and heritary hierarchy, we can for example observe the journey of different versions of polka from a mid-european ballroom dance into chicago polka or witness the bizarre connections between modern clubdancing and trance inducing ritual dances of the indigenous peoples. It is a journey of dance beginning at bonfires and rituals climaxing at muddy festival grounds where hundreds of thousands of people share the same rhythm, stimulus, principles and common ground to dance themselves into empty-mindedness.
Mutanttants ehk 1000 tantsu, mida tantsida enne kui sured
„Cabaret Rhizome“ is an independent theatre group and also a performance venue founded in 2009 by a group of actors and choreographers educated in Tartu University Viljandi Culture Academy. During its first years of development Cabaret Rhizome mainly focused on plays without words, inspired greatly by the aesthetic disciplines of dadaism, surrealism and absurd in mixture with themes of childish thought and naivety. The "silence" became a sort of a method and certainly the strongest characteristic of the group. Today Cabaret Rhizome has chosen rather not to choose a certain performative way to go. As a part of the name (rhizome) suggests, the group is looking for anything that could pass as something that works as a work of art of any social or spiritual value.
*RHIZOME is a philosophical concept developed by Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari. They use the term "rhizome" and "rhizomatic" to describe theory and research that allows for multiple, non-hierarchical entry and exit points in data representation and interpretation.