Creative Laboratory | Olga Tsvetkova

Creative Laboratory of Choreography

The main focus of the laboratory is to locate/discover and manifest different approaches in the act of creating choreography. The group will detect several possibilities of translating ideas to the theatrical and non-theatrical space by the means of light, sound, body, text and movement. Every day will be dedicated to one of these topics; the group will be searching for the possibility to present the same subject/theme to the spectator through the use of different tools and mechanisms, derived from theatre, dance and visual arts. In the end of each day a work in progress will be presented followed by a discussion.

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Born in Ekaterinburg. From 1997 till 2002 she studied modern and jazz dance in Yekaterinburg Contemporary Art Centre directed by Lev Shulman. Later she obtained a degree in Psychology from Moscow Pedagogical University and a BA in dance from Amsterdam School of Arts. As a student she performed in “Zakitoy”, “Amalgama”, “Violators of the Disorders” by A.Pepelyaev; “Games” and “There was a boy” by O.Pona; “Exit” by Anouk van Dejk; and participated at the international festivals in Switzeland, Germany, The Netherlands, the USA and Russia. Over summer 2002 she was invitated to sasha Pepelyaev’s Kinetic. Olga has been teaching dance in various schools across Russia.

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